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About Facial Aging

Facial aging is an inevitable process that happens to everyone. The visible signs of aging are well documented and appear at different rates depending on our unique genetic makeup, which is pre-determined and unchangeable.

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A facelift can correct signs of facial and neck aging to restore a more youthful appearance. Aging, gravity, stress, environmental conditions, and hereditary factors can lead to sagging tissues and wrinkles around the midface, jawline, and neck.

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Mini Facelift

Even if you have cared for your skin over the years, eventually age will impact the appearance of your facial skin. The visible impact of aging such as skin laxity, deep lines and wrinkles, loss of volume, and the sagging jowls can leave you feeling unhappy – and less confident.

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Midface Lift

The endoscopic midface lift is a less invasive procedure compared to the traditional facelift, and is ideally suited for those patients who have sagging in the cheeks but do not have jowling or banding in the neck.

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Neck Lift

The neck is one area of the body that often betrays our age. Over time, the skin will begin to sag. This condition often referred to as turkey neck, is not something most of us aspire to.

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Brow Lift

Are too many frown lines, sagging eyebrows or forehead creases making you appear older than you are? If so, the endoscopic browlift can help. This plastic surgery procedure can restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance to the forehead area by tightening the skin and altering the underlying muscles.

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Eyelid Surgery

If you have excess upper or lower eyelid skin, bags or puffiness, drooping skin, or conditions that make you look tired or upset, cosmetic eyelid surgery may be a procedure worth considering.

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Chin Augmentation

If you are bothered by a weak or receding chin, then chin augmentation may be right for you. A well-defined chin can help build balance and harmony among the facial features. This plastic surgery procedure uses an implant that is inserted into the chin area to add prominence or to correct a receding chin.

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Ear Surgery

If you have large or protruding ears that make you feel self-conscious or insecure, ear surgery may be right for you. This procedure, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can help by setting prominent ears back closer to the head or reducing the size of large ears.

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Fat Transfer

With age, areas of the face may begin to lose volume around the eyes, cheeks and jawline. Fat injection, also known as fat grafting, is a procedure that can help to restore lost volume in the face in order to provide a smoother, rejuvenated appearance.

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Lip Lift

Lips that were once full and pouty can thin and elongate with age. If this is the case for you, a lip lift can help solve this problem. This is a fairly minor surgical procedure which can restore a more youthful appearance to the upper lip. The procedure is generally performed to shorten the length of a long upper lip.

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