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A facelift can correct signs of facial and neck aging to restore a more youthful appearance. Aging, gravity, stress, environmental conditions, and hereditary factors can lead to sagging tissues and wrinkles around the midface, jawline, and neck.

When performed by Dr. Stevens, at his state-of-the-art Beverly Hills outpatient center, facelift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, can improve sagging skin and muscles, tighten the facial and neck tissues, and contour excess fat to create a smoother, more defined, and more youthful face and neckline. With the years of education and experience Dr. Stevens has, he is known to bring out some of the best results performing facelifts in Beverly Hills.

Excess skin or fat in the neck

A facelift can reduce a turkey neck and reduce a double chin by removing excess fat, tightening loose skin, and correcting muscle bands.

  • Makes the neckline more smooth, slender, and defined
  • May significantly improve signs of aging
  • Restores self-confidence
  • Improves self-image

Loss of tone of skin and muscle in the lower face

A facelift can correct jowls by repositioning muscle and skin in the lower face and jawline.

  • Improves definition and firmness of the jawline and lower face
  • Redefines the cheeks and cheekbones
  • Creates a more youthful appearance of an oval or heart shaped face
  • Restores self-confidence
  • Improves self-image

Sagging and wrinkles in the midface

Our facelift can correct sagging cheeks that have created deep creases below the lower eyelids or between the nose and mouth.

  • Eliminates folds and sagging skin
  • Creates a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance by returning fullness and tone to the midface and cheeks
  • Restores self-confidence
  • Improves self-image

Facelift Before & After

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Reason for Facelift - Descent

Descent refers to the progressive sagging that occurs to the soft tissues of the face as we age.

Several factors contribute to the process of descent:

  • Increased tissue laxity
  • Downward pull of gravity
  • Weakening of retaining ligaments

Over time, the collagen in the skin and subcutaneous tissues decreases in quantity and quality. As the elastin deteriorates it provides less recoil, causing wrinkles and sagging. Under the influence of gravity, the soft tissues gradually sag to create characteristic features of aging. In addition, the retaining ligaments that attach the facial soft tissues to bony prominences of the face are weakened and less able to hold up the skin and fat compartments.

High Vertical Suspension/ Deep Plane Facelift

This is an issue a facelift in Beverly Hills specifically addresses by repositioning and anchoring them upward to restore and optimize surgical rejuvenation. This technique is called a High Vertical Suspension/ Deep Plane Facelift.

Reason for Facelift - Deterioration

Deterioration refers to the aging changes in texture and color that occur in the skin. The visible signs of skin deterioration are unmistakable and will significantly impact how old or young we look.

Visible signs of skin deterioration

  • Youthful skin vs. aging skin
  • Smooth surfaces vs. rough surfaces
  • Moist vs. dry and flaky
  • Translucent vs. opaque
  • Invisible or small pores vs. open pores
  • Tight and unwrinkled vs. fine and coarse wrinkling
  • Uniform color with few to no pigmented spots or broken blood vessels vs. dyschromia: brown spots, blemishes, mottling, red spots and erythema
  • Dark or light hair vs. gray hair

What to Expect After a Facelift

Any facial rejuvenation procedure you may consider must address three important components of facial aging and can be thought of in terms of the 3 R's:


Treatments directed at restoring facial volume, which include injectable fillers (Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra) and fat transfers as well as facial implants.


Surgical treatment aimed at reversing descent and restoring the youthful position of droopy soft tissues of the face (forehead lift, blepharoplasty, midface lift, neck lift, and our facelift).

Resurfacing Skin

Treatments aimed at undoing the deterioration of color and texture that has occurred on the skin surface. A wide variety of treatments are available depending on the degree and type of deterioration such as Lightstim® Therapy, chemical peels, ablative lasers (CO2) and microdermabrasion.

Should I Get a Facelift?

It can be depressing to look in the mirror and see loose, sagging skin, deep lines and wrinkles, and thinning skin, and an old, weary facial look. A facelift in Beverly Hills is the most effective surgical procedure to achieve a youthful, renewed, fully rejuvenated look. While injectables and other non-surgical treatments are helpful in warding off the signs of aging, eventually a surgical procedure will be the only way to achieve true facial rejuvenation.

What are the Benefits of a Facelift?

A facelift is a delicate procedure and demands the skills of a top facelift surgeon. The benefits of the procedure, when performed by Dr. Leslie Stevens, known for his exceptional talent as a facial plastic surgeon, include:

  • Smoothing loose, sagging skin and tissue
  • Creating a more youthful facial contour that looks natural
  • Smoothing deep lines, folds, and wrinkles
  • Restoring sagging facial muscles and tissue to a fresh, natural, youthful position
  • Restoring a defined, youthful jawline

Am I a Candidate?

Those who are ready to get serious about reducing the visible signs of facial aging, and who are in good general health are typically good candidates for this procedure. If your face has lost its youthful firmness and has begun to sag and droop due to skin laxity, if you see jowls, or etched-in facial lines and creases, meeting with Dr. Stevens is your first step in total facial rejuvenation.

What Does a Facelift Entail?

Your facelift procedure will be performed in the privacy of the exclusive Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills. The procedure is performed under either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. A facelift is a fully customized procedure. Dr. Stevens is meticulous in planning and performing this delicate surgery. Incisions are placed within the hairline or behind the ears so the incision sites, once healed, are virtually invisible. The skin and underlying muscles are tightened and lifted to a more youthful – but very natural – position. Excess skin and tissue are gently removed to smooth, restore, and renew your look.

Dr. Leslie Stevens: A Reputation for Excellence in Plastic Surgery

As with any procedure, the final result is based upon the skills of your surgeon. Dr. Leslie Stevens gained media attention when Sharon Osborne revealed he was her surgeon, but in the medical community, he has been recognized as a brilliant facial plastic surgeon for decades. While he often performs surgical enhancements for industry leaders and celebrities, he is warm, friendly, and honest, and helps patients from all walks of life to achieve facial rejuvenation.

What is the Recovery from a Facelift Like?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but it is normal to experience mild to moderate swelling and bruising for about one to two weeks. You will have prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable during the early stages of recovery. The swelling soon reduces, and within a few weeks you will be ready to engage in your usual activities – looking years younger in the most natural way.

Can I Combine a Facelift with Other Procedures?

Yes! A facelift can be combined with a neck lift, brow lift, eyelid lift, laser skin resurfacing, injectable dermal fillers to restore lost volume at cheeks or temples, or other treatment for skin resurfacing to achieve comprehensive anti-aging results.

What Sets Dr. Stevens Apart from other Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons?

Dr. Leslie Stevens is an acclaimed board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, recognized for his talent for creating remarkably natural-looking, youthful results with facelift surgery in Los Angeles. He has pioneered his own surgical techniques and methodologies that lead to exquisite results – refreshed, renewed, and natural in appearance, not pulled or tight. A facelift is one of the most delicate, personal procedures you will have performed in your life. Shouldn’t your plastic surgeon be the best?

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